Year: 2019

Sneak Peek: Most popular software testing tools in 2019

Increase in digital transformation paves way to numerous startups that further enhance IT products and services, thus facilitating end users. Numerous options are present to enhance software products and services that enrich further and advancing ahead. However, the software development life cycle (SDLC) takes part its role in the development […]Read More

Sneak Peek: Most used Programming languages in 2019

Are you a software engineer? Do you ever think about the most popular programming languages for the year 2019? Do you want to explore the most used programming languages? And what languages will be used in 2020? This post will uncover interesting facts and trends about software programming languages for […]Read More

The role of application performance monitoring (APM) in DevOps

DevOps has enforced efforts toward abrupt development in application and features that enhance the pace of innovations leading to huge risks on the business revenue. Application Performance Monitoring in DevOps can “grease the wheels” throughout the delivery lifecycle and further optimize the application delivery. Rationales for the adoption of DevOps […]Read More