Year: 2019

OnePlus 7 Pro – Specifications, Reviews

The OnePlus 7 Pro provides the best features for a premium smartphone in the present market with affordable price. Just have a look at this review about One Plus 7 as below and know how One Plus 7 Pro leads in the market. Features of One Plus 7 Pro Features […]Read More

Why data scientist is a promising job prospect?

The job opportunity of a data scientist increased by 56% in the United States alone. As time goes by, the demand for the post of data scientist jobs grows and that is why we are going to discuss with you why is it happening so. Let’s find out. A few […]Read More

The Biggest Challenges of Augmented Reality Developers

AR or Augmented Reality is a hot topic in 2019. As we move towards the beginning of 2020, AR is going to be an even more interesting aspect of the industry to talk about. Many companies in different industries are adopting augmented reality apps for enhancing their business and customer […]Read More

Top 8 Worldwide Future Trends in IT industry for 2020

According to International Data Corporation, these are the top 8 worldwide future trends in IT industry, which are going to happen in the year of 2020. See Top 10 best tools of Business Intelligence Companies will focus more on innovation in digital transformation. More than 50% of all the current […]Read More

Microsoft’s Biggest Flops Of The Decade

Microsoft undoubtedly gets all the credit for revolutionizing the personal computer industry. However, success comes with a bunch of failures as well and that goes the same with this 1 Trillion dollar company. Let us take a quick look at Microsoft’s biggest flops of the decade. Windows 8 – Windows […]Read More